Prayer's for Ease of Depressions

A Prayer’s for Depression and Anxiety

During this hard times as the pandemic keep most of us in a lockdown situation. Mental struggles like Depression slowly crippling out of the dark. If our mind’s are not pure in our faith, this mental conditions tend to surpass and corrupt us little by little every day. Only the Heavenly Father we can have peace in mind, with his words in the Bible scriptures and praying intimately will shield us out of the dark.

Prayer For Depression To Lift

O Lord God, life has become such a struggle and I find that my faith in You is being seriously challenged,but Lord, I know that Your Word says that You are there for me all the time,
and that You would never leave me to struggle alone. Please help me to turn my thoughts to You every single time this black depression tries to descend upon me.

Please bring to my mind those Scripture that tell the truth of Your love and grace.

Be with me Lord, at those times when doubts of Your love for me rise up in my mind,
and help me to reaffirm in my heart all that You have done for me, throughout my life.
When my faith is threatened by those negative thoughts that say that You could never love me,
let me remember that You loved me so much that You died to save me
and have clothed me in Your perfect righteousness.

Only in Prayer’s you can have Peace of Mind.

When assurance in my salvation
and eternal security starts to waver, help me to recall that You loved me so much that
You sent Your only begotten Son to die for me and pay the price for all my sins
and help me to reaffirm the truth in my heart. Thank You, Lord, for Your great love for me.

When I find myself wandering far from You and little murmurings rise in my heart,
that You cant love me as much as other people because things are so difficult in my life,
prevent me from dwelling on such lies which come from the pit,
and help me dwell on You. You alone are good and gracious and faithful and true.

And Lord, when depression is set to invade my peace, help me to claim the promise that Your grace is sufficient for me, and help me to trust You in all things.
Thank You, Lord, in Jesus’ name I pray

Prayer For Help In Times Of Despair

O Lord God, I feel weak and weary, helpless and hopeless.
Darkness seems to have invaded my very being. Lord God,
at times I just want to give up in despair, as a black depression
slowly descends on me and there seems little that I can do to stop it.

And yet I know that this is not Your will for my life,
for You came from heaven to give us light and hope and
You have said that Your strength is made perfect in my weakness.
Be my strength I pray in my weakness. My light in my darkness.
Be my hope in this deep depression and be that perfect love that casts
out the fear and pain that I have in my heart,
which so often tries to put its icy fingers around my throat.

Give me a sense of Your presence and Your closeness,
and pour into my heart that peace You promised to all Your children,
that passes understanding, I pray. 
Lord God, I cry to You at this time of depression in my life,
for in my heart I know that You alone are my only hope.
Lift me Lord from this crippling depression,
and draw me back into close fellowship with Yourself.
I truly believe that when my mind is thinking about You,
that depression has little opportunity to invade my peace.
Help me to keep my mind on You and Your many precious promises.
In Jesus’ name I pray

Prayer for Overcoming Depression

Dear Lord, I am suffering from depression and anxiety disorder.
Thank you for giving me the medical attention that has helped
Place my soul back into my skin. Give all of us who suffer
This stress the courage and strength to trust you
and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us.
You love and through your love all things are possible.
In Jesus’ name we praise you.

A Prayer to Fight Depression

God bless all who are battling those inner demons of depression,
loneliness, unworthiness, and hopelessness. Shine Your warm
Heavenly Light down upon all of us, Lord, who are looking for our soul mates.
Guide us to find peace, happiness, and contentment in our lives and within ourselves.

Prayer When You are Fighting Depression

Dear Father God,

I’m reaching out to you, Lord, in my despair.
And depressed and don’t see an end in sight.
I’m burdened down with so many things and it’s crushing my spirit.
It’s all I can do to just pray this prayer. I cry out to you, my God.
How long must I have sorrow in my heart? I need you to come near and rescue me.
Save me from the deep waters of depression, which threaten to overtake me.
Hear my cry, see my tears, and deliver me.

Turn my crying into dancing,
my despair into joy. Help me to praise you in the middle of it all.
Renew my strength so I can keep going. In you and your word alone,
I put my hope. Keep a firm grip on me so I won’t fall or get lost.
You are my rescuer and my refuge, my strong tower.
You are my place of safety and rest. I run to you and am saved!

In Jesus Name, Amen.

John 16:33 ESV 
 I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.