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How I Healed in Meditating in God’s Words

Still at this moment I’m been constantly Meditating in God’s Words. When I was in my mid 20’s and just graduated college, an event took placed in my life that makes me realized Panic attacks due to anxiety is scary and serious mental condition.

It was a typical Sunday morning, where me and my mom go for a Sunday morning mass. And then after mass we usually went to buy essential groceries for the week.

At home my mom prepares the food for our lunch, an since it’s Sunday we prepare special meal like we always do, such as grilling, soup and Kinilaw (Raw Fish & vegetable mixed salad).

I do the grilling as I like to do it. But a little while when done grilling, I step back to the kitchen so we can have our lunch, but when I took the stairs up I feel sudden and severe pain in my left belly which radiates to my back. The constant pain which is undesirable, I crawled my way up and shout to my mom for help, due to the pain I lose the grip of the food. I cried and rubbed my belly but the pain doesn’t seem to subside.


Be ordinary, but bring a quality of awareness to your ordinary life. Bring God to your ordinary life introduce God into your ordinary life. Sleep, eat, love, pray, meditate, but don’t think that you are making or doing something special—and then you will be special.― Osho

Panicking to the situation my mom doesn’t know what’s wrong and what to do. All she know is taking some pain reliever and handed it to me, I take the pain reliever with water, however in a minute I started vomiting a green like substance. I was so scared and worried what might it be.

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I lay down in the couch helplessly feeling the agonizing pain. An after 30 minutes the pain seems to go, I didn’t rest or sleep I just laying down and touching my belly, my hands and feet are shaking and my heart beats skyrocketed. I was so scared and confused and my mind starts to think negatively with overwhelming thoughts, added to this having no appetite to eat or drink I just got so scared and worried.

Moment in the evening around 6:00 pm the worst has come, the pain returns and this time there is no stopping, pain is becoming worst than ever. All I can do is cried and growling in pain. So we decided to go the hospital in emergency. The Hospital is about 30 minutes drive so we took a taxi. Finally reached the emergency room, one nurse attended and asked me where is the pain situated, does it come and go? is this the first time?. Then I said, it’s the first time it happens and the pain is constant here in my belly and radiates near my back.

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When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

They took urinalysis and we waited several hours before they give a pain reliver. After several hours the nurse returns and said that it’s a kidney stone, so the nurse gave a pain reliver and advice us to have an x-ray so to determined the size of the stone.

The pain reliever gives a quick relief. In the next day we went to a laboratory for an X-ray. Afterwards the x-ray technician took some images and he said to wait outside and take the results and images an show it to a doctor.

Meanwhile in the clinic, doctor do the usual, looking at the x-ray images while he immediately pin-point and diagnosed that I had little grain size of kidney stone. He said that this will be cure using prescription medication for 7 days 3x daily.

So we bought the medicine and I start to take a tablet. In the morning I noticed a cloudy urine, that’s what exactly to Doc told me that the medicine will pulverized the stone and excreted. After that I never felt any pain for a week now but, there is one sinister post effect which is the most difficult “Panic Attack”.

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

The pain is totally gone but the scars left mentally, I think that due to that pain it made me depressed and anxiety overtakes me entirely. This anxiety disorder collapses everything. I started to become worried, lost appetite, low energy and my mind constantly seeking info over nothing. Also I do self diagnosed over the web each & everyday the info I gathered makes me more depressed and resulted to panic attacks.

I feel like panic attacks makes me suffer more than my kidney stone. The feeling where you don’t like anything at all. My hands and feet become numb and my heart beats beyond imaginable. I think I’m going to die. I could not explain it I only cried.

Meditating the Word’s of God

When I was in my elementary years my grandmother taught us how to pray the rosary. Praying to Heavenly Father changes the way I think. I prayed to God and asking him to help me ease this struggles, everyday I prayed. That is the first time I know about meditation. Praying in meditating God’s words helps my mind calm, time to time it faded. “I priorities the Word of God in head. Then I keep on saying this words “Relax, be natural, be cool, believe in yourself” over and over.

In a matter of weeks I totally renewed by meditating God’s words. And I also become comfortable and confident to myself. I crave to do things beyond my comfort and limits. My confidence rises more and more. God is there when you intimately pray, all of your worries depression, anxiety and struggle are not matched. We have to meditate in God’s words, it’s our own shield to the devil thoughts.

I know and I believe that eveytime we pray to God we made a conversation to him. Our life has to be in God’s first, in all and in everything.

This is my story on How I Healed in Meditating in God’s Words.